Benzie County: Amateur Radio Public Service Corps (ARPSC)

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This site supports the efforts of amateur

Radio   ARES/RACES  operators in Benzie

County by  providing a link and in-sight of

 public service, communications

and disaster preparedness.






Benzie Rotary Sunrise Bike Ride

Was held June 3, 2017 and the weather was perfect.  Big Thanks to Bill AA4R for his expert dedication as Chairman for B.A.R.F., for this event.


















Amateur Radio Week  June 19 – 25, 2017







E  x  e  r  c  i  s  e  


Massive Damage, homes gone, trees gone, no power, no cell phone or home phones.  Towers are down no communications in a wide spread area. No problem for amateur radio we go where no communications have gone before.   F I E L D    D A Y  is that training we do each year.  The unthinkable has been though of and we answer the need as called.  Field Day serves several goals, 1st it makes us figure out a good area that would provide communications efficiently.  We gather gear we may not have used for a while and have to revisit how to operate it.  We have to set up antenna’s that may not work as well as the stuff at home but we need to talk just the same.  We need to plan on how to feed and water the operators in all weather conditions.  Sound like fun, well thats what we do each year at the end of June.  Stay tuned for our BARF Field Day plans.


I got a whopper, AA4R- Bill and W8VY-Randy

FD 16









FD 16

FD 16












04 on the Mountain with C4FM
























     Read more about Yaesu fusion C4FM. 



Alternate Power



 Check out the Alternate Power Page click here.  We will expand this page with donations from those with knowledge of the subjects.









  Not a Amateur radio operator or you have your amateur license but not your ARES/RACES certifications.  Find out how to earn your  license and certifications from the ARRL link above under training and join the Benzie County ARES/RACES team.  Get Started here.






The Benzie County office of Emergency Management’s  FaceBook Page Link  click here 

 The Benzie County office of Emergency Management’s WebPage  click here
















2 0 1 7  A r e a   H a m f e s t s



W8QQQ Area Hamfests   click here  

 Feb                  Cherryland Hamfest 

May 6             Cadillac  ARC 

May 19-21     Xenia Hamvention

Sep 19            Adrian ARC           

Nov                 Fort Wayne






Thanks for all you Do.




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