Benzie County: Amateur Radio Public Service Corps (ARPSC)

 H e l l o   a n d   W e l c o m e   




This site supports the efforts of amateur Radio ARES/RACES operators in Benzie County by providing a link and in-sight of public service, communications and disaster preparedness.















The new Home of W8BNZ repeater and a lower bird’s eye view.




Warning: the photos in 2016 have simulated gore so if your unable to hold onto your lunch you may not want to view.  These photos are the result of training for Benzie County in a Active shooter.  Saturday started just as any other day.  RACES and CERTS members volunteered to act in casualty rolls.





KG8CW, Mike installing new antenna at the Benzie Bus Garage/ Warming shelter.  A fine job of building a cabinet/desk by AA4R, Bill.  Shows the installed equipment.  Also helping was KJ4KFJ, Dave and  KD8QYE, Dick, camera shy.

















Find out more about this year long event honoring the National Parks in the United States of America.  Read More






2016 Bike Benzie Poster



Join the Benzie Team with this annual ARES event. Contact Bill, AA4R  ARES Chairman for the communications.













Remember wide coverage link system for Michigan has the current footprint.  Traverse city link works very well for the tri-county area.










Benzie County running Fusion C4FM










Thanks to everyone that has supported and contributed to the repeater fund over the years.  Benzie County repeater system is running  Fusion digital /analog on 147.040 (Beulah) and 442.200 (Frankfort) both use pl 114.8. 













 The Benzie County ARES/RACES has received a grant in 2016 to finish the digital upgrade of users started in 2015.  We would like to thank  The Grand Traverse Band of  Ottawa and Chippewa Indians for this grant.  These grants have allowed Benzie County  ARES/RACES to equip the EOC, POMH, COMM VAN, Benzie Bus garage and its active users with fusion equipment.     Read more about Yaesu fusion. 




Alternate Power




 Check out the Alternate Power Page click here.  We will expand this page with donations from those with knowledge of the subjects.







  Not a Amateur radio operator or you have your amateur license but not your ARES/RACES certifications.  Find out how to earn your  license and certifications from the ARRL link above under training and join the Benzie County ARES/RACES team.  Get Started here.






 Remember BARF has a FACE BOOK page.  Just search in face book and ask to join or  click here .








The Benzie County office of Emergency Management’s  FaceBook Page Link  click here 

 The Benzie County office of Emergency Management’s WebPage  click here














 2 0 1 6  A r e a   H a m f e s t s



June 4   IRA Grand Rapids  click here

Sep 18     Adrain ARC Swap   click here

Oct 8       Straits Area ARC     click here

Nov  12  Ft Wayne  Hamfest   click here




Fusion repeaters


The photo on right shows all the fusion repeaters so far in the U.S.A. As of May 6, 2016 there are 1061 listed.









 The map to the left shows the 36 fusion systems now in Michigan.  Now 147.040 and 442.200 in Benzie County. The 146.86 in Traverse City and 444.725 Empire are on the air with Fusion.  Manistee 146.780 will soon be on the air with fusion.







Ham Radio Operators please email me with your call first and last name and your email address.  I will put you into the registered user data base and confirm your email with your password.