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Major Flooding in Midland

US 10 closed from Clare to Midland.  Two Dams have opened up causing 10,000 people forced from their homes and 6,000 are without power.  A State of Emergency has been declared.




Coronavirus Disease 2020 (COVID-19)

From the CDC  Current US cases here.

Learn More here!     How to disinfect here!

Stay tuned for new information.  We are reopening the state of Michigan beginning May 22, 2020 from about Clare north including the UP.   




Cherryland Ham Fest 2020








A good year to ham fest!  The morning started out at 12 above zero and not a blizzard.  I attempted to talk to KI8KR, Don on 04 but he was in a hole on a ht in honor.  We did connect up on 86 a while later.  While enjoying some catch up at Burger King, Bob KB8SVJ joined us for the round table.  Meanwhile Jared KA8RMA showed up braving the cold in a kilt.  An enjoyable day and people stopping by the table, Ernie K8RCT was next to the BARF Table and Don KI8KR on the other side.  Jared had a table behind Don’s so it was a BARF showing.   The ride home was met with sunshine and had to break out the shades.  See everyone next year.




Christmas Party 2 0 1 9  a warm and friendly dinner

No pictures were snapped this year guess the talking over rode the mind to take them.  There were 10 attending in a fierce snow shower.  Visibility was hood far for several on the way into dinner.  After a reconfiguring the two separate area’s to a L shape we were able to convers with ease.  I saw several with steaks including me with the rib eye, which was very good and hot.  We talked about the current state of events like the kitty and Cherryland swap fest.  This is the only money maker for the year and last year was down.  We have a large donation from Bill AA4R for this years two tables.  The offer to join me at 6am burger king at mejers then over the the fest to set up at 7:00am.  The ride home was quiet since there is no radio in the new truck.  73 and Merry Christmas.



Benzie Rotary Sunrise Bike Ride 2019



This may well go down as the coldest and rainest ride in Benzie County.  Waking up to 40 degree’s and rain, very little changed though out the day.  We had record number of people requesting to return to Crystal Mountain.  The SAG/communications team was busy going from one end of the ride to the other.  Some folks had excess of 300 miles logged.  Having the comm van at Crystal Mountain helped Bill, AA4R  stay out in the hub of requests.  The ride folks could communicate direct with KG8CW in the van.  Many thanks were received from the ride sponsors.  Bill extends a BIG THANK YOU to the team and look forward to next year, I’m hoping for some sun and warmth.




Get your ham radio license




  Not a Amateur radio operator or you have your amateur license but not your ARES/RACES certifications.  Find out how to earn your  license and certifications from the ARRL link above under training and join the Benzie County ARES/RACES team.  Get Started here.






The Benzie County office of Emergency Management’s  FaceBook Page Link  click here 

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2 0 2 0    Area  Ham Fests


Cherryland Hamfest 2015

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