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This site supports the efforts of amateur  radio ARES/RACES operators in Benzie County by providing a link and in-sight of public service, communications and disaster preparedness







Watch: Scenes of damage from Hurricane Ian - WSOC TVHurricane ian damage 2022 hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy








Hurricane Ian causes 'historic' damage in Florida as people trapped in ...

Damage from Hurricane Ian · Church of the Redeemer







4 Pictures does not tell the whole Story.

Hurricane Ian Leaves a wake of damage on the west coast of Florida.  




W8BNZ’s 442.600 repeater back on the air 9/30/22



After a set of new finals, a receiver adjustment, a pl tune and a new firmware install the Benzonia repeater is back on the air.  Currently it’s at 5 watts output which is being changed upon equipment upgrades.  Right now, it’s not connected to 147.040 on C4FM.  




Cherryland Ham Fest 2022






Hamfest 2023 in February.  Volenteer to Help.




Benzie Rotary Sunrise Bike Ride 2022




Get your ham radio license



  Not a Amateur radio operator or you have your amateur license but not your ARES/RACES certifications.  Find out how to earn your  license and certifications from the ARRL link above under training and join the Benzie County ARES/RACES team.  Get Started here.




The Benzie County office of Emergency Management’s  FaceBook Page Link  click here 

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 2 0 2 3  Area  Ham Fests



ARRL Hamfest Calendar      click here  

Feb   11   Cherryland Ham fest 

May 07             Cadillac  ARC 

May 19-21       Xenia Hamvention

Sep                   Finlay Ham fest

Sep 17             Adrian ARC  

Nov                  Fort Wayne