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This site supports the efforts of amateur  radio ARES/RACES operators in Benzie County by providing a link and in-sight of public service, communications and disaster preparedness





Sign up for June 4, 2022 Benzie Rotary Sunrise Bike Ride.


Bill AA4R is looking for all amateur radio operators to sign up for the annual Bike Ride.  More information to follow on our Wednesday night night and breakfast.  Give a hand and help the bike ride grow.  This year all new routes.





B.A.R.F  10th annual Christmas dinner 2021


A great turnout and dinner was had this past December 3, 2021.  The weather was not snowy nor that Icey cold.  Many conversations went on covering many a subjects.

Xmas 2021

More picture under Photo’s 2021.



W8BNZ’s 442.600 repeater back on the air 




Chris KD8MTT, Bill AA4R and Mike KG8CW replaced the non working new antenna put up last July.  Were currently only running the UHF repeater.  Linked to Crystal mountain on C4FM.

Dave KJ4KFJ, Bob KB8SVJ, Don KI8KR and Mike KG8CW made a step closer to bring the 442.600 repeater to full strength .  Dave tuned cavities to allow both VHF signals from APRS tracking and Packet Digi to use the new Diamond Antenna.  He also designed the rack to proved a great balance of space versa equipment. The  repeater will use the UHF side all making the Benzonia a GREAT  SYSTEM for ARPSC and the every day Ham.  The repeater has a 4 bay antenna below the new diamond since its toast. APRS and packet digi are up and running on a mag mount antenna inside the room at the base of the tower.  



Cherryland Ham Fest 2022









Benzie Rotary Sunrise Bike Ride 2021




Get your ham radio license



  Not a Amateur radio operator or you have your amateur license but not your ARES/RACES certifications.  Find out how to earn your  license and certifications from the ARRL link above under training and join the Benzie County ARES/RACES team.  Get Started here.




The Benzie County office of Emergency Management’s  FaceBook Page Link  click here 

 The Benzie County office of Emergency Management’s WebPage  click here



 2 0 2 2  Area  Ham Fests



ARRL Hamfest Calendar      click here  

Feb   08   Cherryland Ham fest 

May 07             Cadillac  ARC 

May 20-22       Xenia Hamvention

Sep                   Finlay Ham fest

Sep 20             Adrian ARC  

Nov                  Fort Wayne