2 0 1 6 a Look Ahead

by KG8CW on February 3, 2016


I would like to thank you! the folks that make the ARES/RACES program move forward here in Benzie County, MI.  This Past Year saw many events that people stepped up to chair or operate in.  This is the blood that makes the group tick.

I would like to welcome two new members of the ARES/RACES program.  K8SGZ Glen and K8RCT Ernie both from Traverse City.  This brings our numbers up to 19.

A look ahead to 2016 we have a new mission statement.  We as ARES/RACES are now part of a two part group within Benzie County Emergency Management.  Along with CERT (Civilian Emergency Respose Team) make up a group of volunteers that can augment paid personnel that could be used in their field of training.  We are looked on as the civilian communications group.  We still conduct ourselves within the ARES and or RACES guidelines but we can become more involved in the art of communications.

From the ARES/RACES side this year we are committed to The Cherry land Swap.  This is our only source of funding for the year.  Please donated any radio type equipment to be sold on the tables.  By all means if you have a personal piece of equipment you wish to sell, we can do that to.  More stuff draws more eyes.

BARF will be moving our voice VHF repeater as soon as we can.

We will be having a joint Benzie/ Grand Traverse County exercise in the future.  Goals are not firm but the theory is we should have a running idea of their radio set and equipment and they ours.

We have our monthly Training/Breakfast in Beulah.

We will again activate for the Benzie Rotary Sunrise Bike ride.

We will have a Field Day exercise.

We will be active in the year long National Park events.

We hope to work the Lighthouse event at Point Betsey.

This year CERTS have ask for assistants in Fire Works Crowd control in Frankfort, as you may have guessed July 4.  This event has grown to 14,000 people and requires many hands.

We need to put up an HF ant at Paul Oliver and Fix the one on the EOC.

We need to rehang feed-line inside the water tower.


So as you can see we need some time donated to get this list done.

I wish each of you a great 2016 and will be working along side in many of these events.

73, Mike



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