by KG8CW on December 22, 2018


We are looking ahead to 2019 with training starting every 2nd Wednesday of the month.  Odd months will be held in Manistee and even months here in Benzie Co.  We will focus on communations for both C.E.R.T. and R.A.C.E.S on current equipment by both.  We should be able to get everyone up to speed on the how’s and how to’s for each of the radio we use.

Exercise are important because they tell us what’s not working before were thrust into a real life emergency and have to learn on the fly.  When communications goes down, its the real time lag that we are picking up.  Real time meaning catch up and restore.  Please attend all the scheduled exercise to help bring us up to full speed.

K8SGZ Glen has put together a great portable digital system.  It uses low cost tables ( or in my case a current 49 dollar windows tablet) and uses FLDIGI to get data to and from using VHF/UHF on or off repeaters.  We will be testing to see if it will work in HF as well.

Winlink is expressing opinion about bandwidth for digital on HF.  There’s a motion or 3 to get rid of data or confine it even worse.  Please support the maintaining and expanding data on HF for the current winlink system.    You can check it out at                    https://winlink.org/FCC_Action.

Please forward any names of interested ham’s that would join the ARES/RACES ranks.  We have lost several operators due to attrition and need to reinforce our team.

A special thanks to everyone on the team for a good 2018.

KA8RMA, Jarred has stepped up to be Field Day 2019 Chairman.  If you remember we did not hold FD in 2018.  Please welcome Jarred and offer those things that will assist him in making this year a success.


73, Mike, KG8CW





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