Alternate Power After the lights go out!

Idea’s how to use alternative power.


















Chris KD8MTT has aquired KD8SUU’s solor equipment and has built a mobile solar recharger on a mega level.














Rob W8REJ has been researching converting gasoline to LP or Natural Gas.




 S o l a r   P o w e r












This is an installation from Charlie, KD8SUU.  He decided to install this installation after talking with Chris KD8MTT whom also uses solar.  There are several componates including a solar power controller and the inverters that control charge and turn the 12 volts back into AC.  This is what Charlie has.


I have 9 full sized solar panels which are wired in series of 3. Which gives me 3 circuits each sending 90+ volts  to the Midnite Classic Charge controller.


I have 5 pairs (10 batteries total) of 6 volt golf cart batteries (75amp) sending 750 amps of 12volts to 2 PROwattSW  2000 Inverters to run 120 volt items in the house.


I can run the furnace, gas hot water heater, gas range, refrigerator, freezer, TV on satellite, and main floor lighting.  My radios are hard wired all the time from the batteries through a RigRunner 4005H which fuses the radios.. The batteries require inspection of water level monthly.



18Broadway-Honeywell-Wind-Turbine aard-is-an-efficient-and-functional-combination-of-a-wind-turbine-and-solar-energy-plant2


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