Crystal Mountain Repeater

by KG8CW on December 3, 2016

The Benzie County 147.040 has been moved to Crystal Mountain.  The Foot print as of press time is mobile’s can work it from Glen Arbor, North of Elk Rapids around M-48, Cadillac, Manistee and Traverse City downtown.  This is a big increase from are distorted covered up signal from the Water Tank in Benzonia.  The Cell antenna’s have covered up half of the antenna and injected a mixed amount of noise into the system.  It did not help our feed line was damaged and the shield broke 3/4 the way around.  We will refurbish that site with a dual band antenna that is above the Cellular antenna’s and new 1 1/4 hardline.  We will use the Fusion UHF repeater, linking it to Crystal and Frankfort.  We will use the Benzonia site for WIRES which is a internet access point for the radio’s.

Mike, KG8CW



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